Cavitation Technologies for the Production of Nanopreparations

A.A. Dolinsky

L.Yu. Avdeyeva

A.M. Makarenko

A.O. Avramenko

V.M. Melnyk


Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the NAS of Ukraine

Project: Scientific book

Year: 2020

Publisher: PH "Naukova Dumka"

Pages: 110


ISBN: 978-966-00-1751-1

Language: Ukrainian

How to Cite:

Dolinsky, A.A., Avdeyeva, L.Yu., Makarenko, A.M. (2020). Cavitation Technologies for the Production of Nanopreparations. Kyiv, Naukova Dumka. 110 p. [in Ukraine].


he monograph summarizes the results of many years of research by the authors on the intensification of heat and mass transfer processes in multiphase systems due to the use of hydrodynamic cavitation as the main component mechanisms of discrete-pulse energy input. The results of experimental studies of the effect of physical and chemical effects of hydrodynamic cavitation on complex heterogeneous systems with phospholipids are given. The use of cavitation effects to create energy efficient industrial technologies for the production of drugs with lipid nanostructures for different industries is considered.
Intended for scientific and engineering workers, graduate students and students higher education institutions specializing in thermophysics, heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics.



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