Superhard Materials: A Guide for Curious

V.I. Lavrinenko


Project: Science for all

Year: 2018

Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”

Pages: 336


ISBN: 978-966-360-000-0

Language: Ukrainian

How to Cite:

Lavrinenko, V.I. (2018). Superhard Materials: A Guide for Curious. Kyiv, Akademperiodyka. 336 p. [in Ukraine].


The history of searches, finds and obtaining of the superhard natural materials (diamonds and cubic boron nitride) is outlined. The properties, composition and spheres of applications of superhard materials are described. The current understating of processing with abrasive tools from superhard materials is covered, especially their effective implementation on examples of developments of the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The book is intended for inquisitive pupils, students, engineers-technicians who are interested in the correct and effective use of superhard abrasives for the processing of various materials in everyday life and production processes.



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