Vitamins in Human Health

Yu.M. Parkhomenko

G.V. Donchenko


Project: Science for all

Year: 2006

Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”

Pages: 182


ISBN: 966-360-063-2

Language: Ukrainian

How to Cite:

Parkhomenko, Yu.M., Donchenko, G.V. (2006). Vitamins in Human Health. Kyiv, Akademperiodyka. 182 p. [in Ukraine].


The book describes the history of the discovery of vitamins, presents modern ideas about the properties of vitamins and their importance for humans as essential nutritional factors. General information is provided about the modern classification of vitamins, physicochemical and biological properties of water- and fat-soluble vitamins and vitamin-like compounds, their role in metabolism and, in general, in human health. The causes of hypovitaminosis are analyzed, advice is given on their prevention and storage of vitamins in food.

The book is intended for specialists in the field of biology, medicine, as well as for a wide range of readers, including teachers, students and other people interested in health issues.



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