Bacteriocins of GramNegative Bacteria

О.І. Balko

L.B. Zelena

O.B. Balko

L.V. Avdeyeva

L.M. Skivka

M.V. Patyka


D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the NAS of Ukraine

Project: Scientific book

Year: 2020

Publisher: PH "Naukova Dumka"

Pages: 238


ISBN: 978-966-00-1750-4

Language: Ukrainian

How to Cite:

Balko, O., Zelena, L., Balko, O., Avdeyeva, L., (2020) Bacteriocins of Gram Negative Bacteria. Kyiv, Naukova Dumka. 238 p. [in Ukraine].


The monograph includes up-to-date findings concerning genetic organization, molecular structure and action mechanisms of both profoundly researched and little known bacteriocins of gram-negative bacteria. Particular attention is paid to possible interaction of bacteriocinogenesis with the natural form of microorganism existence: the biofilm. The monograph contains results of studies aimed at increasing synthesis intensity, isolation and purification of bacteriocins. Certain parts are devoted to the perspective of the practical use of bacteriocins in various sectors of the national economy and methods of their induction and research required for this purpose.
Intended for microbiologists, biotechnologists, veterinarians, doctors, as well as students, postgraduate students and lecturers of higher education institutions of biological, agricultural and medical profiles.



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