Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Adsorption Sensors

V.H. Lytovchenko

A.A. Yevtukh

Y.I. Lepikh

T.I. Horbaniuk

B.I. Bondarenko

V.A. Borschak


V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the NAS of Ukraine

Project: Scientific book

Year: 2021

Publisher: PH "Naukova Dumka"

Pages: 285


ISBN: 978-966-00-1791-7

Language: Ukrainian

How to Cite:

Lytovchenko, V.H., Yevtukh, A.A., Lepikh, Y.I., Horbaniuk, T.I. (2021). Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Adsorption Sensors. Kyiv, Naukova Dumka. 285 p. [in Ukraine].


The monograph considers the physical and chemical processes characteristic of adsorption, catalytic and piezoelectric effects on which the operation of semiconductor gas sensors is based. Information on the basics of surface physics and adsorption processes is given, the adsorboelectric effect is analyzed in detail and experimental results of research on effects of gases on layered dielectric-semiconductor systems are stated. Special emphasis is made on the use of nanostructures and nanostructured materials. The quantum mechanism of adsorbocatalytic activity of nanostructured surface is described. The results of development of microelectronic semiconductor gas sensors are given and the creation of intelligent systems based on them is analyzed. Considerable attention is paid to physical and chemical processes, as well as the development of acoustoelectronic sensors of gases on the surface acoustic waves.
Intended for scientific-technical staff and engineers in surface physics and chemistry, condensed matter physics, gas sensors and materials science, as well as for teachers, students and graduate students of relevant specialties.



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